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The Three Pillars of

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Whitehall Services

Offshore Tax Savings & Profit Opportunities

Learn specific investment strategies used to minimize your income tax liabilities.


Protect your financials from unwanted and unauthorized disclosure.

Asset Protection
& Litigation Avoidance

Protect your assets and investments from litigation you can deter before it begins.

About Us

Founded in 1980, Whitehall began advising business owners about various legal structures available to them that would reduce taxes and preserve their wealth. In 1984, Whitehall opened an office in Geneva, Switzerland. After several years of delivering financial services to European clients, Whitehall became a partner in Societe Financiere de Distribution, a Swiss private bank.

The addition of Swiss private banking services allowed Whitehall to incorporate corporate financing into its services. Reflecting the increasingly multi-jurisdictional nature of our business, Whitehall opened an office in Hong Kong and began providing services in China.

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